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Welcome to my Wiki page. I work at Scout Drone Inspection and I am also the Co-Founder of Zivid. On these Wiki pages you will find some information and tutorials related to coding in C++ and Python, as well as general information about certain IT-related issues.

Build tools

  • CMake: Introduction/ tutorial concerning the CMake build system


  • Python_Intro: How to use Python for interactive, scientific programming and visualization
  • Python_VTK: Easy 3D visualization of point clouds, meshes and geometric primitives with Python and VTK
  • Boost_Python: Creating Python modules with Boost::Python and Boost::NumPy
  • IPython_Notebook_Server: Running an IPython notebook server as a Windows service

C++ Libraries

  • Compile_Boost: Pre-built binaries and compilation instructions for Windows
  • Precompiled_Libraries_64bit: Pre-compiled 64-bit binaries for PCL, Eigen, VTK and several other popular open source libraries for MSVC2012



  • HoloVision is a legacy software application I wrote many years ago for numerical reconstruction of digital holograms