Mexican Wedding

Date 2010/8/1 23:20:00 | Topic: Trips

Original Image I did another trip to Mexico in July, this time to participate in the wedding of Arturo, whom I shared an apartment with when I was living in Mexico in 2005. I stayed first a few days in Mexico City where I also visited some friends of me, before I travelled to Guanajuato to take part in a small stag party for Arturo. While waiting for the wedding, I spent some fun and relaxing days at the beach in Puerto Vallarta by the pacific coast of Mexico, where. The wedding started with a ceremony in pretty La Basilica de Guanajuato. Unfortunately the groom had a nervous start due to the late arrival of the bride. She was stuck on the motorway due to flooding, and the priest had to start the ceremony without her. Luckily, she came running up the church floor just in time to get the ring on her finger. Afterwards, there was a great wedding party with food, drinks and lots of music and dancing. Even if I could only spend two weeks in Mexico this time, it was a pleasant reencounter with my Mexican friends, the town I used to live in and lots of delicious Mexican food.
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