A trip to Spain

Date 2007/8/30 2:35:00 | Topic: Trips

Original ImageOn Friday August 17th I travelled to Spain for a 9 days vacation. I arrived first to Madrid, where I spent the first night together with my friend Liliana. On Saturday I went up to San Sebasti√°n in the Basque Country. San Sebasti√°n is a beautiful town in the Biscaya Bay with a picturesque beach, great basque food and lots of things to see. There was a big festival going on when I was there, so every night at 22.45 thousands of people gathered in the centre of the town to watch stunning fireworks. After spending 4 days in San Sebasti√°n I went down to Valencia by the mediterreanean. Valencia has lots of attractions, beautiful parks, an impressive futuristic architecture and of course also paella, beaches and sun.
[See my photos from the trip to Spain]

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