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Welcome to the webpage of Øystein Skotheim. I am 44 years old and I work at Scout Drone Inspection. I am also the Co-Founder of Zivid. I love travelling, and I mainly blog about my trips to various countries around the world. You can also find a large collection of digital photos. In this page you can find news about me and my friends, a large collection of digital photos and miscellaneous other things.
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Trips : Karibien 2012
Posted by Øystein on 2012/3/17 0:00:00 (5353 reads)

Resized ImageI made another trip to Latin America from March 18th to April 10th 2012. This time, I visited Rico Puerto and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. The trip included big cities, beautiful beaches, rainforests, national parks and pretty waterfalls. As usual, I have made a blog for the trip.
[Blog, Caribbean 2012] [Photos from the trip]

Trips : Thailand 2011
Posted by Øystein on 2011/12/15 22:30:00 (6135 reads)

Resized ImageI spent two weeks in Thailand from November 11th to December 6th together with Rattikan. First we visited her aunt and uncle in Aranyaprathet, which is a city in the east of Thailand near the border with Cambodia. Afterwards, we travelled further to Siem Reap in Cambodia, where we visited the temples of Angkor Wat - regarded one of the wonders of the world. Next stop was Koh Chang back in Thailand, which is an island with beautiful beaches and plenty of monkeys and other exotic animals. We had a small safari in the jungle on the back of an elephant, and I also had the chance to swim in the river together with an elephant. We spent the last four days in Bangkok, where we stayed at a 5 star suite at Lebua at State Tower Hotel (known from the Hangover 2 Movie). The hotel offers extreme luxury as well as a sky bar with a panoramic view of the city.

[See the photos from Thailand]

Trips : China 2011
Posted by Øystein on 2011/6/5 12:50:00 (4653 reads)

Resized ImageI was in China from May 11 to May 27th together with two colleagues from SINTEF, Henrik and Gøril. Our first destination was Shanghai, where we took part in a workshop on mobile robotics on Friday 13th. In the weekend, we went sightseeing at "The Bund", where the impressive skyline with Shanghai's many skyscrapers can be admired. In the evening, most of the façades are converted into gigantic displays with video commercials. On Monday, we took the fast train to Hangzhou to participate at the conference 3DIMPVT 2011 (3D Imaging, Modelling, Processing, Visualialization and Transmission). Hangzhou is situated next to the Xihu lake. The lake has nice promenades, parks and green open spaces around it, and it makes a pleasant area for a stroll. After the conference, we travelled eastwards to Xian to see the famous army of Terracotta warrios that was discovered here only around 30 years ago. The army consists of over 8000 statues, every one with unique clothing and facial features. It was built over 2200 years ago to protect to toom of emperor Qin Shi Haung. Our last destination was Beijing, where we visited the forbidden city and also took part in a 3 hour, spectacular hike on the Great Wall of China from Jinshanling to Simatai.
[See the photos from China]

Trips : Brasil 2011
Posted by Øystein on 2011/2/8 23:40:00 (4324 reads)

Resized ImageIt is time for a new trip to South America. This time I will travel together with Kurt, and we are planning a dedicated trip to Brasil. The trip will contain beaches, big cities, carnival, hiking in Chapada Diamantina national park and a visit to the Iguazu falls. As usual, I have made a travellog where I will post images and stories from my trip.
[Travel blog, Brasil 2011] [Photos from the trip]

Trips : Mexican Wedding
Posted by Øystein on 2010/8/1 23:20:00 (5554 reads)

Resized Image I did another trip to Mexico in July, this time to participate in the wedding of Arturo, whom I shared an apartment with when I was living in Mexico in 2005. I stayed first a few days in Mexico City where I also visited some friends of me, before I travelled to Guanajuato to take part in a small stag party for Arturo. While waiting for the wedding, I spent some fun and relaxing days at the beach in Puerto Vallarta by the pacific coast of Mexico, where. The wedding started with a ceremony in pretty La Basilica de Guanajuato. Unfortunately the groom had a nervous start due to the late arrival of the bride. She was stuck on the motorway due to flooding, and the priest had to start the ceremony without her. Luckily, she came running up the church floor just in time to get the ring on her finger. Afterwards, there was a great wedding party with food, drinks and lots of music and dancing. Even if I could only spend two weeks in Mexico this time, it was a pleasant reencounter with my Mexican friends, the town I used to live in and lots of delicious Mexican food.
[See my photos from Mexico]

Trips : Paris 2010
Posted by Øystein on 2010/5/25 14:40:00 (4627 reads)

Resized ImageI spent a week in Paris from 16th to 23rd of May to participate at the conference 3DPVT 2010 (3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission). The conference lasted from Monday to Thursday, but I decided to stay in Paris until Sunday to do some sightseeing. During the conference I stayed in a hotel in the Latin Quarter, close to the charming and lively Rue Mouffetard. For the weekend I decided to move to a cheaper hostel in Montmartre. When I arrived to Paris on Sunday, I was received by a really nice girl from Paris that I met via CouchSurfing. She took me to the gardens of Luxembourg for a picnic, where we enjoyed red wine, baguettes and a variety of french cheese. I also participated in several other CS events, which was great for making friends with several parisians. As opposed to earlier trips to my Paris, where I mainly moved around by metro, I used the new city bikes to explore the city. In the weekend I travelled to Versailles to see the overwhelming castle of King Louis XIV.
[See the photos from Paris]

Trips : Long weekend in Belgium
Posted by Øystein on 2010/4/15 0:03:53 (4501 reads)

Resized ImageI travelled to Brussels on the 8th of April to participate in a meeting in an EU project. I chose to stay there for the whole weekend to do some sightseeing. On Friday I travelled to Bruges, which is a pretty medieval town with fine architecture. I went for a boat trip on some of the towns many canals, I climbed the belfry (which is listed as UNESCOs World Heritage) and I also visited the chocolate museum. This museum was in deed very interesting, and I got to know everything about how chocolate has been harvested and consumed from the aztec ages in central america and up to now. Saturday and Sunday I walked around in Brussels, which has a nice mixture of ultra-modern skyscrapers (like the EU parliament and the EU commission building) and charming old buildings from the 12th century (on the city's Grand Place). I also visited the Cantillon family brewery, where they produce the beers Gueuze and Kriek, among others. This beer is made in a very special and traditional way. In stead of adding yeast and letting the beer ferment in steel tanks, this beer ferment due to micro organisms found naturally in the wheat and malted barley. I came home to Trondheim on Sunday with my bags full of delicious chocolate and a nice assortment of beer.
[See photos from Belgium]

Trips : Travel Blog 2010
Posted by Øystein on 2010/1/7 0:25:07 (4671 reads)

Resized ImageMy last adventure trip went to USA and South America and took place from 16th of January to 3rd of March this year. This time I was accompanied by my friend Tommy on part of the trip. As usual, I have created a separate travel blog where I have posted news, updates and photos from my trip.
[Travel blog, Latin America 2010] [Photos from the trip]

Trips : Japan 2009
Posted by Øystein on 2009/10/17 12:37:37 (3906 reads)

Resized ImageI spent a few days from September 30 to October 12 in Japan. First I participated at the ICCV conference (International Conference on Computer Vision) in Kyoto - a very informative and interesting conference where I met fellow researchers within my field from all ower the world. After the conference I stayed for one extra week in Japan to do some sightseeing. In Kyoto there are, for instance, 17 temples which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. One of them is completely covered in gold - an impressive sight. I also ate a lot of sushi, ramen noodles and various other exotic meals. After spending about a week in Kyoto, I proceeded by high-velocity train to Tokyo. I explored Tokyos many districts by the metro, visited the biggest fish market in the world, did all-night-long karoke and went for electronics shopping in Tokyo's Electric City, where eight-floor buildings compete against each other in the use of neon lights. From Starbucks in Shiboya, center of Tokyo, I watched one of the world's busiest pedestrian crossings. When the suburbs are included, Tokyo has 35 million inhabitants. Despite the huge amount of people, the city is relatively nice and clean, extremely modern and with a great transportation system. All in all, Japan was a different but exciting and exotic experience.
[See my photos from Japan]

Trips : Lofoten
Posted by Øystein on 2009/8/7 22:30:10 (8520 reads)

Resized ImageI spent 4 days in Lofoten in Northern Norway last week. On Saturday I attended the wedding of my friend, Roger and Silje. The ceremony was in Buksnes church in Gravdal, with a following party at the fishermen's house in Ure. Since I arrived a couple of days before the wedding, I spent one day hiking in the mountains in the Vestvågøy region. On Friday, I rented a car and explored some of the villages in Lofoten, such as Stamsund, Nusfjord Reine and Å. We had sunny and warm weather every day, and the the wedding was also a big success. Congratulations to Roger and Silje, and thank you for inviting me!
[See photos from Lofoten]

Trips : Travel blog, Latin America 2009
Posted by Øystein on 2009/1/4 17:52:44 (4544 reads)

Resized ImageFrom 18th of january to 15th of march I made a trip to 5 countries in Latin America. I have made a separate travel blog, where you can my travel blog with photos and experiences from the different parts of the trip.
[Travel blog, Latin Ameria 2009] [Photos from the trip]

Trips : Trip to Germany
Posted by Øystein on 2008/11/10 23:54:00 (4070 reads)

Resized ImageFrom November 4th to 9th I went on a trip to Germany to attend the Vision 2008 exhibition in Stuttgart. I spent the first night in Cologne, and proceeded by train to Stuttgart. After the exhibition I spent the weekend in Munich. Munich is a very pleasant city with lots of things to see, nice architecture, good food and superb beer. On Sunday I went on a day trip to Dachau concentration camp which is just outside Munich.
[See the photos here]

Trips : Autumn trip to Paris
Posted by Øystein on 2008/10/11 23:30:29 (6665 reads)

Resized ImageI spent 5 days in the beginning of October in Paris, France together with my dad. We stayed at a small family hotel in Montmartre - a very pleasant part of town full of charming small streets with coffee shops, restaurants and famous attractions such as Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge. Montmartre is located on the top of a hill and enjoys a beautiful view to the entire city of Paris. The famous-over-night Café des Deux Moulins is also here, where Amelie Poulin from the famous Amélie movie used to work. Apart from the attractions in Montmartre, we did sightseeing and shopping at Champs-Élysées, we visited the Louvre Museum (to see the Mona Lisa, Venus from Milo etc.), the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Conciergerie and a whole list of other famous places. We even spent a day at one of the largest car exhibitions, "Mondial de l'automobile 2008".
[See all the photos from Paris] [See the photos from Paris Motor Show 2008]

Trips : Croatia and Spain
Posted by Øystein on 2008/9/7 15:57:55 (4299 reads)

Resized ImageI have spent the last two weeks in Croatia and Spain, partly because of work and partly for pleasure. I arrived the first weekend to Split in Croatia together with my friends Kurt and Bjørn. After some sightseeing here, we proceded to the island Brac, where we spent some time on a very beautiful and famous beach called Zlatni Rat (The Golden Horn). We spent the last three days in Dubrovnik, before Kurt and Bjørn went back to Norway. I proceded to Palma de Mallorca to take part in the conference Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing 2008. Before the conference, I visited my friend Diana that I got to know on the same conference in 2006. On saturday we went sightseeing by car and we went to several nice and small villages on the island. On sunday we went to a really nice beach called Es Trenc. After the conference, I spent a couple of days in Madrid, where I also visited some friends.

[See my photos from Croatia and Spain]

Trips : Road trip with latin american girls
Posted by Øystein on 2008/8/2 0:56:47 (6107 reads)

Resized ImageFrom July 16 to July 22 I had 4 girls from Venezuela, Peru and Italy visiting me in Norway. We went on a road trip to Sunnmøre together with my friend, Kurt. Our first stop was at Molde International Jazz Festival, where we attended an outdoor triple concert with Kent, The Margarets and Beady Belle. We had another stop in Ålesund for one day, before taking the ferry along the Geiranger fjord from Hellesylt to Geiranger. We spent the night in the cabin of my uncle and aunt, with a spectacular view to the fjord and the mountains.
[See all the photos here]

Trips : Travellogue, Latin America 2008
Posted by Øystein on 2008/3/4 20:31:31 (4904 reads)

Resized ImageI made a big trip to Latin America from January 26th to April 1st this year. I have made a separatetravel blog for the trip. Here you can find images and summaries from the different countries I have been to.
[Travel blog] [All the images from Latin America 2008]

Trips : Berlin
Posted by Øystein on 2007/9/28 18:07:23 (4795 reads)

Resized ImageOn September 23 I travelled to Germany, two days before my conference in Braunschweig. I spent 2.5 days of sightseeing in Berlin before the conference. Berlin is a very exciting city with immense amounts of history and things to see. I went on a 4 hour city walk to Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag building (which burnt down in 1933 and made Hitler come to power), the Holocaust monument, The Führerbunker, Checkpoint Charlie (border crossing between GDR and BDR), remains of the Berlin wall and a lot of other important buildings and sites. I also went to several of the city's excellent museum, and I learnt a lot about Berlin's role in 2nd World War, life the old GDR amongst many other things.
[See my photos from Berlin]

Trips : A trip to Spain
Posted by Øystein on 2007/8/30 2:35:00 (5121 reads)

Resized ImageOn Friday August 17th I travelled to Spain for a 9 days vacation. I arrived first to Madrid, where I spent the first night together with my friend Liliana. On Saturday I went up to San Sebastián in the Basque Country. San Sebastián is a beautiful town in the Biscaya Bay with a picturesque beach, great basque food and lots of things to see. There was a big festival going on when I was there, so every night at 22.45 thousands of people gathered in the centre of the town to watch stunning fireworks. After spending 4 days in San Sebastián I went down to Valencia by the mediterreanean. Valencia has lots of attractions, beautiful parks, an impressive futuristic architecture and of course also paella, beaches and sun.
[See my photos from the trip to Spain]

Trips : Zürich
Posted by Øystein on 2007/7/15 1:57:00 (5023 reads)

Resized ImageFrom 9th to 13th of july I participated at the conference "Optical 3D Measurement Techniques" in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich is a pretty city with a scenic location by the lake of Zurich and with a view to the Alps in the horizon. On wednesday we made an excursion to Rheinfall, which is the largest waterfall in Europe.
[See my photos from Zürich]

Trips : Northern Italy 2007
Posted by Øystein on 2007/4/22 13:37:30 (4679 reads)

Resized ImageI spent the Easter of 2007 in the north of Italy together with Kurt, John Arild and Bjørn. We flew to Bergamo with Ryan Air. After a short stop there, we rented an apartment in Verona for two days. Verona has a Colosseum which is even older and better preserved than its counterpart in Rome. It also boasts of having the balcony of Juliet from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. After Verona we went to Padova to visit Giulia, a friend of Øystein which earlier has studied in Trondheim. We also met Matteo, who was staying in Øystein's apartment for one week during ISFiT 2007. The trip continued to Florence and Siena. Both of them are beautiful medieval towns with impressive cathedrals and Reneissance architecture. Of couse, we also consumed a great amount of excellent italian food accompanied by superb Toscana wines.
[See the photos here]

Trips : Travellogue from Mexico 2007
Posted by Øystein on 2007/3/1 0:34:00 (5312 reads)

Resized Image Resized Image I have written a travellogue from my trip to Mexico in january and february 2007. I have posted information about each of the places I visited, along with some of my best photos. I also provide tips for accomodation. PS! The travellogue is in Norwegian only.
[Read my travellogue here]

Trips : More images from Mexico 2007
Posted by Øystein on 2007/2/12 8:49:27 (5130 reads)

Resized ImageI am at the moment in León in Mexico, where my trip is about to end. After my trip to Chiapas, I spent around one week at the beaches in Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres, 4 days in Monterrey and 2 days in Zacatecas. From Playa del Carmen I made day trips to Tulum and to the maya ruins of Chichén Itzá. From Zacatecas I made a day trip to the ruins of La Quemada.
Resized ImageI have made a slideshow with highlights from Mexico 2007
[Slideshow with highlights from Mexico 2007] [See all the images from Mexico 2007]

Trips : Mexico 2007
Posted by Øystein on 2007/1/26 22:20:10 (5098 reads)

Resized ImageI am at the moment
in Mexico. After a quick visit to Mexico City, I went to León, Gto. where I stayed 6 months in 2005. The past few days however, I have spent in Chiapas close to the border with Guatemala. I have made tours to Cañon del Sumidero, to the waterfalls of Agua Azul, Misol-Ha and to the mayan ruins of Palenque. My trip will continue to Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres and Tulum in the Yucatán peninsula before I catch a plane to Monterrey to explore some of the north of Mexico. I have uploaded some photos which can be found in the link below. More will follow soon...
[See photos from Mexico 2007]

Trips : Sicilia
Posted by Øystein on 2006/10/19 19:15:18 (5521 reads)

Resized ImageKurt and I travelled to Sicily, and island in southern Italy on the 10th of October. We visited first Palermo, a charming metropolis with beautiful buildings, superb food, never-ending shopping streets and a whole lot of street life. From Palermo we went on day trips to the swimming resort town Mondello, and also to Corlone, where several scenes of the movie "The Godfather" were shot. We visited the anti-mafia museum here (which frankly was not very impressive.) We survived the trip, even though Øystein's wallet was robbed (a little bit of drama was only to be expected in a town which is still 100% controlled by the mafia ) In the end of our stay, we visited Taormina, a scenic and historic town at the base of Mount Etna (the biggest and most active volcano in Europe). Taormina was a bit dull outside of season, and especially because it was raining constantly 3 days in a row. However, we had a good time trying out sicilian specialties in the restaurants and checking on the sicilian girls in the disco at night. On the last day, we ascended the volcano Etna, where we walked along congealed lava stones and visited the Silvestre crater (which recently had an eruption).
[See our photos from Sicily]

Trips : Trip to balearic islands
Posted by Øystein on 2006/9/5 19:51:05 (5669 reads)

Resized ImageFriday 25th of August I went to Palma de Mallorca to participate at the conference VIIP 2006 (Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing). The conference commenced on monday, but I wanted to arrive a bit earlier to relax at the beaches for a couple of days. I spent the weekend in Hostal Apuntadores, where I hung out with Matt from New Zealand and a few other travelling friends. On Sunday I changed to Hotel Meliá Palas Atenea where the conference was arranged. There were a lot of interesting presentations from all over the world, and I made contact with many scientists. On Wednesday after the conference I went to the neighbour island Menorca, where I visited Miquel, a spanish friend of me who earlier has studied in Trondheim. Miquel showed me most of the island, f.ex. the towns Maó, Ciutadella and Fornells, and we also visited many of the islands beautiful beaches. In the evenings we went out to eat either in a restaurant or in the house of one of Miquel's many friends on the island. I had a really great time, and I hope to be able to return soon.
[See photos from the trip]

Trips : Easter in Spain and Portugal
Posted by Øystein on 2006/4/17 13:37:30 (4044 reads)

Resized ImageI spent Easter of 2006 in Spain and Portugal. I went first to Madrid to visit a Mexican friend who studies there. From Madrid I did two excursions to Toledo and Segovia. Both of them are packed with castles, churches, forts and monuments and they have played an important role in Spain's history. After a short visit to Sevilla, I caught a bus to Lagos and the Algarve coast in Portugal. I spent some tranquil days at the many beaches hidden between cliffs and spectacular towers of sandstone. In the nights I went to party together with the many backpackers from Australia, Canada and USA. I spent the last weekend in Lisboa, a really beautiful city with 7 hills, each with a spectacular view to the river, the statue of the Christ and one of the world's longest bridges (17.2km).

[See the photos from Spain and Portugal 2006] [Highlights on MSN Spaces]

Trips : Zacatecas
Posted by Øystein on 2006/2/13 21:20:13 (4002 reads)

Resized ImageI spent my last days in Mexico in Zacatecas. This is a cozy colonial town which has a large silver mine and a cable car that takes you to the top of the nearby mountain. I got to know several people in my hostal from various european countries and also a guy from Argentina who is travelling from Alaska to Argentina on his motorbike.
[See my photos here]

Trips : More photos from Mexico
Posted by Øystein on 2006/2/13 0:35:00 (4115 reads)

Resized ImageI have know uploaded some more photos from Mexico. This includes images from León (where I stayed 5 months in 2005), from the colonial town Morelia in Michoacán and from the fishing village Zihuatanejo by the pacific coast

[See all my images from Mexico 2006 hereResized Image[Slideshow México 2006]

Trips : Acapulco
Posted by Øystein on 2006/1/23 19:06:26 (4642 reads)

Resized ImageI am at the moment on a 1-month vacation trip to Mexico. Thursday I went together with 4 mexican friends to Acapulco in the southern coast of Mexico. Even though it is the middle of the winter, it is 35 degrees here. We have bought an all-inclusive package, which means that we can eat all that we want in the hotel's restaurants and we are enjoying a free bar since 11 in the mornings. Life is good!

[See my photos from Acapulco here]

Trips : Norway in a Nutshell
Posted by Øystein on 2005/9/8 15:34:09 (5019 reads)

Resized ImageMonday 5th of September Rodrigo and I went sightseeing with a "Norway In A Nutshell" ticket. This trip goes from Bergen to Myrland by train, then with the famous Flåm railway from Myrland to Flåm, a 2.5 hour cruise on the Aurland and Nærøy fjord, bus from Gudvangen to Voss and finally a train back to bergen. The Nærøy fjord is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is a beatiful piece of Norwegian nature.[See the photos here]

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